We Can

We Can End All Violence Against Women

5662166The “We Can End All Violence Against Women” campaign began in 2004 as a six-year, six-country campaign to end violence and discrimination throughout South Asia. The campaign has now spread to 16 countries around the world and 13 states within India. (To learn more about the campaign, click here.

Vikalp runs the “We Can” Campaign in nine districts of Rajasthan. Cognizant of the fact that violence against women occurs because of ingrained social power structures, the campaign focuses on altering the social norms that create discrimination and basic gender inequality. The campaign uses awareness building activities to educate both men and women about women’s rights, instill courage in women to say “no” to violence, and provide people with productive alternatives to violent conflict resolution. The campaign emphasizes that violence against women is a social problem, not an individual one.

Under this campaign, Vikalp has created over 200,000 changemakers who have pledged to spread the message of equality and peace in their homes and communities through rallies, street plays, posters and pamphlets, and trainings and workshops around the issue of gender equity and nonviolence. Vikalp also organizes youth assemblies where young changemakers come together to share their work and learn from each other.

Vikalp also works with educational institutions including colleges and universities, the media, Panchayati Raj, the Women and Child Development Department, and local Police departments to start bringing more gender equality to community institutions and policies.