Our Daughter’s Right

(Aapani Dikari Ro Haq)

Vikalp’s ‘Our Daughter’s Right’ campaign seeks to prevent gender-based issues, particularly child marriages, by creating awareness about the rights and potential of girls everywhere. This campaign was initiated in 2004 to focus on girl children in four districts—Udaipur, Jodhpur, Barmer and Jalore. Vikalp forms task forces of local youth and community leaders who help to steadily address issues of child marriage, education and the rights of girl children within their communities in a sustainable way.
Vikalp make sure to engage a range of community members in our projects, whether they be religious leaders, caste leaders, local police or government officials, school administrators, individual girls and boys or family members. We engage these stakeholders in a holistic way, including by holding discussions, hosting workshops and trainings, performing street plays, organizing rallies and marches, and supporting local youth groups for boys and girls. We also work directly with girls, conducting a range of empowerment and capacity-building trainings. Under this campaign, Vikalp endeavors to empower girls to advocate for their futures, and to negotiate with their families and their communities for their education, dreams and equality.

Since 2006:

  • 74 villages have remained child marriage free,
  • 40 Gram Panchayats have vowed to make their Panchayats free from child marriage.
  • More than 160,000 people have taken an oath never to perform or participate in a child marriage. Additionally, 16000 people have taken a written oath.
  • Numerous marriage service providers have refused to work for child marriages and have informed Vikalp of those that are taking place.
  • Peer counseling and awareness activities have led to significant change in the perceptions of gender norms and rights within communities.
  • More than 5,200 girls have been encouraged to pursue further education in 10th standard and higher, as a result of counseling with parents and actively enrolling girls.
  • 330 schools are working closely with Vikalp to end child marriage in their communities through a combination of counseling for children, documenting school dropouts, conducting awareness raising campaigns and attempting to change the mindsets of parents.