Working with Survivors

One of Vikalp’s primary goals is to empower the women survivors of violence. We work with field workers, social leaders, local administrators, advocates and counselors to ensure that all survivors of gender-based violence are able to receive holistic support. By working to increase the self-respect and self-worth of survivors of violence, Vikalp strives to help women lift themselves out of victimhood, ending cycles of self-blame and empowering them to become pillars of strength within their communities. Vikalp also works to connect survivors with important resources by building grassroots community support networks that provide them with social, economic, legal and psychological support, counseling and assistance.

Vikalp also operates a Counseling and Protection Centre and helpline for women in collaboration with the Women and Children Department and Police in Udaipur.  This helpline provides necessary assistance to survivors of violence. Women can learn about the laws that protect them, register complaints with the police and received references to more resources. Vikalp also facilitates legal action through police, courts, and other services if necessary.

If you know someone who has faced violence and needs assistance, please call Vikalp or visit a counseling center to receive help. You can stop the violence.