The Volunteer Experience

As Vikalp have a small number of staff, volunteering with us is a personal experience, where you can have the opportunity to do practical, meaningful and challenging work in close conjunction with our leaders and teams. Below is a brief description of life and work as a Vikalp volunteer, and how you can get involved. If you have any other questions other about working with Vikalp Sansthan, please feel free to ask us via email!

Most volunteers are based at Vikalp’s Head Office in Badgaon, in the outskirts of beautiful Udaipur city in Rajasthan. Badgaon is a semi-rural area from which volunteers can easily travel into the city when necessary, and volunteers will visit various villages and other locations during their stay as part of Vikalp’s field work. Being located here is an important way to work closely alongside Vikalp’s leaders and gain experience in the workings of the organisation.

Most volunteers are with us for two months or more, and a minimum commitment of one month is highly preferred – this gives us time to get to know each other and really get stuck into various projects that suit your skills. We are also very open to taking on longer-term volunteers for a period of 6 months or a year, who would be able to take a more active role in program development and research in the organisation.

Who can Apply:
There are no specific qualifications for internships with Vikalp, but any study, training or experience relevant to our work will greatly enhance the impact volunteers are able to have within the organisation. We have volunteers from all over the world, and just need people who are open to challenges, enthusiastic and passionate about creating change!


Intern Esme with her host family

Intern Esme with her host family

We welcome innovation and want to make the most of your individual skills and interests, so there is always room for creativity in developing your own role with us. Work can vary from website content development, to project evaluation, to coaching girls volleyball and other sports teams – see our volunteer form for some other possibilities. While a lot of work will necessarily be office-based, volunteers are likely to also spend a significant amount of time in the field in order to better understand and contribute to Vikalp’s work. This field work may involve activities as varied as visiting day camps or workshops, documenting our work through photography or video interviews, or conducting surveys among communities.

Living Arrangements:
Interns coming to the Udaipur office from overseas live with one of a number of local host families for the duration of their stay. Not only is this very convenient for them (the homes of the host families who help us out are usually within a 2 minute walk of the office), it allows interns to truly experience Indian family life and form lasting bonds with families.

Intern Chloe in the field

Intern Chloe in the field

My experience at Vikalp was a truly unique one and I was given a huge amount of freedom, trust and responsibility, more than I could have hoped. The work I did in the small time is some of the work I’m most proud of in my career so far, which goes to show what can be achieved when you put your mind to something. I’d absolutely recommend coming out to Vikalp; you get to stay in the beautiful city of Udaipur and experience Indian family life, and of course you’re giving back to the community by investing your skills into a very worthwhile organisation. Everyone’s a winner!


Organising an Internship with Vikalp
If you’re interested in volunteering with us, starting the process is easy: just fill out our Volunteer Expression of Interest Form, send it back via email at and we’ll try to be in contact with you soon.