Send Our Daughters to School

CampSchool(Aapni Ladali Ne School Bhejo)

Vikalp strongly believes that education gives girls the best possible chance of standing up for their rights, and creating opportunities for themselves and their communities. Since 2004, Vikalp has been annually operating the “Send Our Daughters to School” campaign in four districts of Rajasthan, aiming to motivate girls to pursue higher education and to raise awareness about girls’ right to education. Every year, during the summer new/renewed admissions period in government schools, Vikalp staff members and volunteers identify students who have already dropped out – or are at risk of dropping out. These girls and their families are then contacted directly to ensure that they continue their studies. Vikalp assists the girls with school enrollment and monitors the status of their education over the years, thereby ensuring they remain in school. Due to the efforts of this campaign, more than 5200 girls in the project area have been enrolled in secondary education, though either open or mainstream schooling.

At the policy level, Vikalp organizes discussions with local government representatives, youth, teachers and parents about a girl’s right to education and the importance of pursuing higher studies. Vikalp also works with school administrations to improve the treatment of girls in schools, identify gender discrimination in the educational environment and to improve the quality of education for girls.

The campaign also publicly recognizes teachers and other individuals who actively help ensure that girls girl receive their education and better their future, a process which provides a positive example for communities to follow.