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Board Members

Trupti Trupti Panchal
A social worker by training, Trupti has been working to fight violence against women for 25 years. Now an assistant professor at Tata Institut School of Social Sciences in Mumbai, Trupti is also Project Director of Resource Centre for Interventions on Violence Against Women (RCIVW) & Special Cell for Women & Children (Maharashtra). These special units for women give effective socio-legal services to women at risk and provide a multi-agency coordinated response to the issue of violence against women. The RCIVW works with stake holders on innovative and effective support models for women within these cells.Trupti is an expert in conducting training and action research on issues of violence against women, gender and sexuality, strategic planning and review and a number of other areas. Trupti has also recently completed research projects on the effective implementation of two laws fundamental to Vikalp’s work – the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 and the Protection of Domestic Violence Act 2005 in India.
Usha Usha Choudhary
In addition to her role as Programme Director of the organisation, co-founder Usha Choudhary acts as the Secretary of Vikalp’s Board
20150616_155856 Yogesh Vaishnav
Co-founder Yogesh Vaishnav is the Treasurer of Vikalp’s board, on top of his role as Programme Manager