Action Research

We are learning more and more everyday about what it will take to empower youth and end gender based violence and discrimination. Every conversation with every girl, mother in law, brother, teacher and police officer helps us understand the barriers to change and how we can overcome them. We would like to document these learnings to consolidate what we know and provide our partners and supporters with guidance.

Our research starts and ends with youth 

We’ve called this project “Action Research” for a reason: we want to emphasise that our learnings come directly from our involvement in the communities we work in and will be used to progress our efforts to empower young people and end gender based violence and discrimination. In this way, research drives our action.

Early marriage and prevention study

In 2016, we launched a study to investigate experiences of early marriage in Rajasthan as well as the nature and impact of Vikalp’s interventions to address the practice. The study will present and analyze findings from over 300 interviews with young brides and others in one of Vikalp’s key focus areas: the Mavli block of Udaipur district. It hopes to document experiences of child, early and forced marriage on three separate groups: married girls, married boys and older women. This is too holistically assess and compare the contextual factors that continue to drive child marriage and how it impacts on livelihoods. The study will also analyze how Vikalp’s interventions are helping shift these social norms and address the practice and its impact. The baseline findings from this study hope to be published in late 2017 and will help to inform our future work with married girls, boys and communities at risk of child marriage.